Why Should You Manscape or Trim Your Pubic Hair?

Why Should You Manscape or Trim Your Pubic Hair?

Why should you manscape or trim your pubic hair?

In the current times, a gentleman is not complete without proper manscaping and hygiene so you may ask, ‘what is proper manscaping?’. Manscaping refers to any form of grooming or cosmetic maintenance that men do to say hygienic, fresh, and more attractive. In this article, we are referring specifically to manscaping below the belt i.e shaving your balls. So, why do it? What benefits do you reap from spending the time and effort to upkeep your groin and maintain them to a high standard? Below we have outlined some of the key advantages of manscaping but to summarise, proper manscaping gives men confidence and improves overall attractiveness. Hair is no longer in trend, so get rid of it and keep it that way!

1. Healthier

Having a hairy bush between your legs, an area which is prone to sweating and bacterial growth is not ideal. Trimming down there ensure you keep the area clean and breathable; it is advised to use a natural groin deodorant like Zero Groin Deodorant to prevent sweating and chafing which can lead to odour and bacterial growth. It is also recommended to minimise cuts and bleeding in your crotch as this can lead to infections. Minimise cuts by using a trimmer designed specifically for your sensitive regions like the Zero Groomer.

2. Reduces sweating

Excessive sweating simply promotes bad odours and bacterial growth, so you want to try and minimise sweating in your crotch. Manscaping will significantly reduce sweating which is not only healthy but also more comfortable.  

3. Increase sex appeal and attractiveness

Maintaining a smooth and hairless crotch is more attractive for your partner. It also helps in other ways, like the saying goes ‘mow the lawn and the garden looks bigger’. Statistics have shown that most partners prefer a clean and hairless crotch so do yourself and your partner a favour and mow the lawn.

4. Boosts confidence

A healthier crotch with minimal sweating and increased sex appeal can only lead to a confidence boost. Studies show that a confident man is more successful than a man with low confidence. In the modern era, confidence is key to promote yourself in your career and your personal life. Studies also show that women are more attracted to confident men hence it is important for the modern man to focus on improving their confidence in as many ways as possible.

5. More comfortable

Perhaps the most important perk of manscaping is that it is more comfortable. Having a trimmed, smooth, and hygienic junk along with regular moisturising and deodorising coupled with the right underwear can lead to a very comfortable crotch. There’s nothing more annoying than chafing, sweating and discomfort in your crotch.


After understanding the benefits, you may want to know the best practice when approaching manscaping. We will summarise it here below in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: When showering, use a body wash that is suited to your sensitive areas and made from natural ingredients. Most soaps are made from harmful chemicals that only lead to dry and unhealthy skin. Try our specially designed body wash made from natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut Extracts. Buy the Zero Groin & Body Wash now.

Step 2: Trim your pubic hair in the shower using the Zero Groomer made specifically for your groin area and promises to minimise cutting and bruising. It is waterproof and useable in the shower so you can’t go wrong.

Step 3: Ensure you dry your body and crotch area well, leaving moisture in your groins after a shower can promote fungal growth. Once dry, use the Zero Groin Deodorant to keep your balls dry, clean and moisturised prevent chafing, sweating and odour.

Step 4: Finish up the routing by putting on our breathable, comfy and anti-chafing boxers. You can find the Zero Boxers on our website.

Step 5: Enjoy your comfortable and clean crotch and tackle your daily challenges with your newly found confidence and sex appeal.

All items are available for purchase on our website.

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