Why You Have an Itchy Crotch and How to Stop it.

Why You Have an Itchy Crotch and How to Stop it.

Why you have an itchy crotch and how to stop it!

What are some of the common causes of itchy balls?

An itchy crotch is one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing things that a man can face in his life. It can sometimes get so itchy that you will find it hard to resist scratching them. To top it off, depending on the cause of the itch, it can sometimes be coupled with a bad odour. Not very attractive at all!

The modern man needs to learn about these conditions and be equipped with the right tools and techniques to ensure that he has a neat, hygienic, and attractive package on display. Therefore, correct manscaping is one of the most important habits for the modern gentleman. Below are some causes of an itchy crotch along with our solutions.

1. Not manscaping regularly with the right tools?

Are you taming your pubic hair? If not, this could be the cause of your itchy crotch. Pubic hair can get messy and tangled and it can hold sweat and odours. It is best to trim below the belt regularly using a purpose-built trimmer like the Zero Groomer. Using a shaver or face trimmers on your gonads is not only unhygienic but can also lead to cuts or razor burns which will cause itching. You may also experience itching from the stubble growing back after a shave. The Zero Groomer is ideal for this purpose, as it avoids cuts in your sensitive regions and doesn’t cause razor burn.

2. Jock Itch

Jock itch is a fungus related skin condition experienced mostly by athletes and highly active men. The fungus, like many others, lives in warm, moist areas such as the crotch. It is common in the inner thighs and genital areas as these areas are most prone to sweat and warmth. To best tackle jock itch, it is recommended to incorporate the following routines into your daily lifestyle:

  • Trim your pubes regularly using the Zero Groomer;
  • Keep your crotch dry and hygienic using the Zero Groin Deodorant;
  • Maintain a dry and clean crotch after exercise using the Zero Groin Freshener; and
  • Wear breathable anti-chafing boxers like the Zero Boxers.

3. Chafing

There are many causes that could lead to chafing and one of the biggest one is wearing the wrong underwear or clothing. If chafing prolongs, it can lead to severe irritations and very uncomfortable scratching. Some causes of chafing cannot be avoided therefore it is best to prepare yourself by using an anti-chafing deodorant designed for your crotch such as the Zero Groin Deodorant. It has moisturising and anti-bacterial effects that will keep you fresh and chafe-free all day long. The aloe vera and coconut extracts mean that you’re not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals rather using only natural proven remedies. It is also advised to wear anti-chafing, breathable underwear like the Zero Boxers.


STDS that can cause itching such as herpes, crabs, gonorrhoea, etc. however it is unlikely that you have these, as most cases of itching are due to the causes stated above. If you do experience burning or serve irritation it is advised to see a doctor. It is also advised to get tested regularly if you are active with multiple partners.

5. Bad Hygiene

If you have bad hygiene and do not maintain your crotch area, the salts that are left behind from sweat build up. This can cause your skin to dry out which then can lead to itchiness and irritation. Is it  recommended to shower regularly, ideally using a body wash that is purpose built for sensitive areas such as the Zero Body Wash. It’s made with natural ingredients; is gentle on your skin and will remove any salty deposits leaving your skin rehydrated and smelling great. Hygiene is paramount for the modern gentleman as is good skincare hence, it is recommended to not only keep your crotch clean but also to use the right products as ordinary soaps and body washes can leave your skin dry and irritable.

6. Dermatitis

There are certain skin conditions that can cause itchiness in your groin area such as Dermatitis. There are many causes for Dermatitis and to manage these symptoms it is best to wear breathable non-irritating and anti-chafe clothing. For this reason, we have designed the Zero Boxers to be breathable and anti-chafing so that your family jewels can hang comfortably in good atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for our next blog for all your manscaping tips and tricks!

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