How to Groom Your Private Area - Men's Groin Grooming/Manscaping with Zero

How to Groom Your Private Area - Men's Groin Grooming/Manscaping with Zero

How to Groom your Private Area – Men’s Groin Grooming / Manscaping with Zero

How to Manscape Your Groins and Jewels the Right Way. Best Practice ‘Down There’ Grooming!

It may seem tedious or unnecessary however following through with the correct manscaping and grooming routines can lead to a healthier, happier, and more confident you. Here we will give you step by step instructions on how to go about grooming your family jewels. 

Step 1: Manscape Whilst Showering, trimming your Groins is Easier in the Shower with the Zero Groomer

Manscaping in the modern age has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is not longer ok to have any part of our bodies unhygienic; especially not your private regions which provide a warm and humid atmosphere for bacteria to grow. Regular grooming couple with the correct products and underwear is necessary to keep your bits attractive and healthy. It is important to note that grooming alone makes a big difference, but it is advised to go further by applying a suitable moisturising deodorant like the Zero Groin Deodorant and wearing anti-chafing moisture wicking underwear like the Zero Boxers.

Showering can relax your skin and lubricate the surface to reduce cutting during your trimming session. The Zero Groomer is waterproof and works best in the shower leading to a safe and easy grooming session. Although we recommend trimming in the shower, it is not compulsory so this step can be skipped if you prefer to trim out of the shower or are in a rush and in need of a quick trim.

Step 2: Trim your Family Jewels the Right Way with the Zero Cuts Technology

The Zero Cuts blade reduces cuts however due to the nature of the groin area it is easy to cut or nick your skin. Therefore, it is advised to stretch the skin of the area that you’re cutting and then go about trimming. We recommend starting with the upper body and then your arms and legs following by your under arms and finally your groins. The trimmer can be washed at each interval as it is waterproof. When using the trimmer, it is best to angle the trimmer so that the back of the blade is angled approximately 15-30 degree to the skin that you’re trimming. Try not to point the blade directly at your skin as this can lead to scratching. If you are trimming your whole body, this can take more than 15 minutes depending on the individual which is why the Zero Groomer has a 90-minute battery life.

Step 3: Shave for the Smooth Manscaping Look After Trimming your Body and Groins.

Some people prefer a smooth shave, and this can be done following a trim. Just be sure to use the right products and blade to reduce rashes and irritations and not to use the same blade on your face. Shaving in the shower can also be much easier and safer.

Step 4: Deodorant and Anti-Chafe Boxers

Manscaping is not complete without the correct deodorant and boxers. The groins are a haven for bacteria, and this can get nasty if you don’t deal with it regularly. These bacteria can lead to irritations and nasty odour, not a pretty picture! Eliminate this problem by using a groin deodorant like the Zero Groin Deodorant and ensure that your groins are staying dry and aerated throughout the day by wearing moisture wicking underwear like the Zero Boxers.

Step 5: Use the Right Products when Manscaping or Grooming

When manscaping or grooming it is advised to use the brands that are tailored for this purpose. Many ordinary brands attempt to sell manscaping products however this is not their forte. Your private area is a very delicate region which reacts very differently to the rest of your body. It is therefore very important that the PH levels in your groins are maintained and that the correct natural ingredients are used. Zero Manscaping is a brand tailored specifically for men’s manscaping and grooming below the belt. Our deodorant is designed using only natural ingredients which balance your PH levels and eliminate chemicals and odour in your sensitive regions. Furthermore, the Zero groomer is designed to prevent cuts to your jewels which can lead to nasty infections. We are also continually researching the male body to ensure that we are providing the best products for the benefit of Aussie Manscaping. The Zero Deodorant is made right here in Sydney by qualified pharmacists, so rest assure that our quality is guaranteed.

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