6 ways to look and feel more "Alpha"

6 ways to look and feel more "Alpha"

A true "alpha" is not just about looking more masculine, but also about how you carry yourself as a man through the journey of life. In this day and age, how you present yourself as a man is crucial. Most men go through certain problems in life that can drag their will and determination down. so living a life of an "alpha male" is not easy.

let me clarify... 

This article is not about being better than other men or having a bigger Ego. Its about learning the steps to make yourself more of an alpha male.


Focused And Determined

No one looks at the man who stays at home eating junk and playing video games, and says " wow that's an alpha". 

A true Alpha is a man who has his goals in life, and is focused and determined about achieving them. True alphas know that life begins outside of your comfort zone. This means there will be times where you will not feel 100% and knowing you have to conquer those feelings isn't the easiest thing to do. But remaining focused and determined no matter how you feel will help you achieve them and  is also the biggest trait of a true alpha.

If you can conquer your feelings, the sky is the limit !

you will have to embrace discomfort and conquer your fears. This way, you will only excel in life as a man. 

living life as a true alpha male is not easy. if it were, every guy would be doing it.


Be Honest And Speak The Truth No Matter What

We all lie at times, no one can deny it. Some guys lie more and some lie less. But the point is to do more good than bad, and try your best to not make many mistakes. A true alpha male will be honest especially when in the wrong. When someone says something wrong, there is nothing wrong with speaking up for the truth. Instead of hiding behind you opinions and fearing disagreements, it is better to speak up and voice your opinion if you truly believe it. For instance, if your partner or girlfriend says something rude to someone, call her out on it and make her know that you don't approve of this kind of behaviour. she might be upset with you but eventually she will respect you for that because you stood up for what you believe in. Beta guys care more about what other people will think of them than their own beliefs and values. 


Learn Combat Sports And Defend Yourself

Every man should know how to fight or defend themselves. You need to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from an attack. You don't need to become a professional boxer, but you should be able to defend yourself in a physical altercation. Combat sports is not only good for self defence but it also enhances your confidence and discipline. This is not about looking for fights with other men but to live life knowing that if the moment comes, you will be ready to defend yourself. Spend at least 1-2 times a week learning either boxing or a mixed martial arts and I guarantee you your confidence and mental toughness will take off.


Define And Find a Purpose in Your Life

True alpha males live by a code and have a purpose in life. They know what they value and live by them. One of the main reasons for depression is not living a life by your values. Find your purpose in life and recognize that you have stay in your path and not get carried away too much. if you get carried away and forget your values it shows that you aren't able to act on the things that are most important to you. so take a short break this weekend and take a look back at your actions over the past few months and reflect if you are happy with the progress. If not, realise what you have done, remember why you started and keep the ball rolling. Your values can be money, friends, family or a sport. What matters most is that these values are important to you and you live by them.


Build a Strong, Fit And Healthy Body

To be an alpha male, it is crucial you have a strong body. this does not mean you have to have a six pack or and a chest the size of Arnold. But you must be in decent shape. As an alpha you cant afford be lazy and unfit. you want to try your best to stay fit and in shape all year round. unfortunately, if you love your food this can be hard. 

But who ever said it was going to be easy...

You can still have the foods you love, I mean we are not trying be athletes here. But you should limit your calorie intake. Working out regularly is one of the most important things you can do for your health. You must be physically and emotionally fit. Failure to do this will result in a low quality of life. 

It might not be the nicest thing but the truth is true alphas respect their bodies enough to take care of themselves. If your unfit or overweight your quality of life can be poor. if you gas out too quick from just walking up the stairs or going for a light jog, how do you expect to live a high quality life?

so take care of your body!

you don't need to be an athlete, but simple going to the gym at least 3 times a  week will keep you in good shape. try to eat fewer calories and cut out junk and processed foods as much as you can. 

if this is all new to you, take little baby steps but just stay consistent. 

lifting weights, building muscle, cardio and going for runs are all things you should try to incorporate in your life.

Building a strong, fit and healthy body is very simple. it just requires a fair bit of discipline and consistency. 


Have a Solid Grooming Routine

The perfect alpha is not complete without a solid grooming routine. Grooming is a crucial part of a mans life. It not only enhances your appearance but can also boost your confidence as a man.

Our Zero Kit is a perfect all over body and below the belt grooming kit. it covers you with essentials from your body to your groin.

The Zero Groomer included in our Zero Kit is an all over body and groin trimmer with a safe 'zero cuts' blade to protect your balls from nicks and cuts. This makes grooming for your body and pubic region at ease. 

Better safe than sorry!

Trimming your balls peacefully and untroubled is what a true alpha male needs.


Therefore, living the life of an alpha male is not as easy as it seems. understand that no one is born this way but learns throughout life. 

It will require hard work, discomfort and pressure but know that it is worth it.

The contentment you receive from this cannot be described. Every aspect of your life will improve for the better. you will be more brave, powerful and serious. You will be not looked at and treated as a joke. 

By applying the 6 steps shared with you today, you will unlock the true alpha male inside of you.

overall, you will have a much smoother life as a man. 

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