Do Women Care About Pubic Hair?

Do Women Care About Pubic Hair?

When was the last time you got a fresh trim? No, not on your head. Downstairs, where your jewels are. Pubic hair has always been one of the biggest topics when it comes to male grooming. Majority of guys prefer to keep their jewels tidy and groomed. But the truth is, our opinion doesn't matter. Most men prefer to keep it well groomed for the ladies. So the question is do women prefer pubic hair or should men have to keep it well groomed.

What Do Women Prefer?

Generally speaking, 80 to 90 percent of women prefer some sort of grooming downtown. Only less than 20 percent of women prefer a bush. So to the guys out there who are too lazy to groom themselves, get yourself a Zero Groomer and keep your balls nice and tidy. Most women prefer it groomed, so why would you not want to keep your crotch well groomed

well there is still a small percentage of women who prefer a hairy. In this day and age, people expect more from us. it is almost unrealistic. But the truth of the matters is that if your pubic situation isn't well groomed then it can be hard to please a woman. Stats show that around 20 percent of women would not like to continue a relationship with a guy who has a very hairy crotch! 


Some Women Prefer it Hairy

Surprisingly around 20 percent of women say yes. According to some surveys, some women prefer it hairy as they feel hairlessness on men can look prepubescent and unnatural. However while some women prefer some hair, they do still believe a proper grooming routine should be maintained and any excess hair should be eliminated. Men who have a grooming routine come off as more responsible as they care about their appearance. Although some women prefer hair, you still have to remain tidy and hygienic. The Zero Kit from Zero Manscaping is a perfect combination of the right grooming tools needed to maintain your manhood. 


Some Women Prefer Zero Hair

Since 80 to 90 percent of women prefer some sort of grooming downstairs, the question is do they like it silky smooth and bare shaved?

Most women associate lack of hair on your crotch as cleanliness, which I'm sure most of us guys can agree on. its no doubt that uncontrolled pubic hair can create bad odor, thus trimming or shaving it off completely reduces the odor. letting your pubes grow allows bacteria to line up on the hair shaft which creates bad odor. (gross i know.) so quite clearly I'm sure grooming is something we can all agree on. 


Above all, most of us can agree that grooming is a must for downstairs. Here at Zero Manscaping we offer all the necessary tools to help keep the modern day man at ease when grooming below the belt. It is important to stay fresh in the nether region, at least according to women it is. Say no to smelly balls!

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