Why Use a Dedicated Men's Manscaping Groin Trimmer For Your Balls?

Why Use a Dedicated Men's Manscaping Groin Trimmer For Your Balls?

Why Use a Dedicated Men’s Manscaping Groin Trimmer for your Balls?

Why pay extra for a dedicated body and balls trimmer for men when you already have a face trimmer?

If you are like most men and have purchased an expensive face trimmer, you may be wondering why there would be a need to buy a separate trimmer for your balls and body. It may not be exactly intuitive, but there are a few particularly important reasons for why you need a resolute below the belt trimmer. Groin trimmers like the Zero Groomer designed by Zero Manscaping specifically for your body and your family jewels to ensure that you achieve the optimal results without any nasty surprises.


In recent times, men’s grooming has evolved significantly which has increased the important of appropriate grooming, manscaping and hygiene. Using a face trimmer on your balls is not only unsightly but also extremely unhygienic. This can take bacterial and fungus from your groins right to your face and if you were unfortunate enough to cut your face in the process this can also lead to infections. It is very important hence to buy an appropriate men’s body groomer.

Specially Designed / Prevents Cuts / Itchiness

Most face shavers and trimmers are made to give you a closer shave which means they are sharper and more dangerous making them unsuitable for your balls. The Zero Groomer. comes with a Zero Cuts Blade which is specifically designed for sensitive areas to prevent cuts and injury to your prized possessions. You do not want to have a sharp steel blade anywhere near your groins. Therefore, we have designed the Zero Cuts Blade with a softer less scary ceramic material. Cuts can lead to itchiness, irritation, and infections hence it is important to prevent them by using the right tool.

Other People Using Them

If you live in a household with other men present, you may be at risk of your face trimmer or shaver being used by someone else. Chances are that they will be using them for their balls. Scary thought! If, however you have a resolute manscaping trimmer then this will not be a problem. If you want to eliminate the problem all together, you can be a top bloke and purchase them a men’s gift kit from Zero Manscaping which has all the best grooming products in one affordable kit called the Zero Kit


It is important when selecting men’s grooming products to consider the longevity of the products themselves. Mens grooming brand tend to have their own niche speciality which their products are tailored to. For instance, face shavers and trimmers need to stay very sharp to be effective hence their longevity is incredibly low. Dedicated manscaping trimmers use a ceramic blade which have high longevity. Using a face shaver in your groin area will only make them last a significantly lesser duration.

Why Use the Zero Groomer

The Zero Groomer is designed specifically for safe groin and body trimming. It is also rechargeable with a high-quality lithium battery that can last up to 90 minutes in one charge. The trimmer, being waterproof, means that it is useable in the shower and is easy to clean and sanitize. Zero Manscaping brings you the best balls shaver in Australia. For the best Aussie owned Manscaping Products, Luxury Grooming Kit and Groin Trimmer head to www.zeromanscaping.com.au to support your local Aussie brands. We provide free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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