5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bamboo Underwear.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bamboo Underwear.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bamboo Underwear

Most Men’s Underwear are made up of cotton, however there is no doubt that bamboo underwear is the most comfortable type of underwear to wear. Here at Zero Manscaping, we specialise in Bamboo underwear for Men. Our Zero Boxers are made up of Bamboo Viscose to ensure zero chafing, ultimate movement, and premium comfort.


Our Zero Boxers are complimented to be extremely soft and comfortable; we have our own community letting us know how much they appreciate our underwear because they are soft and comfy. But we often get asked why? Bamboo viscose is famously known for its silky and soft texture. The incredible softness makes it the perfect material for sensitive skin. For instance, when it comes to Chafing, look no further than wearing bamboo Viscose underwear, Like our Zero Boxers because of its Anti-Chafing properties. It is a revolution for men’s underwear.


Men’s Underwear shouldn’t feel too hot and heavy. Since our Zero Boxers are made of Bamboo Viscose, this means that the Bamboo Viscose has great ventilation, so you will never overheat. Bamboo underwear leaves gaps open for air to flow freely making it perfect to wear in all seasons because it reconciles with heat.


Bamboo viscose contains both Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties which is extremely good and effective for your crotch area. This is so important because it also makes it resistant to bad odours down there. Not only is bamboo underwear breathable, but the fabric itself is more moisture wicking than other materials. Which results in leaving you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. It is actually 4 times more absorbent and moisture wicking than cotton.


Bamboo viscose is very strong, durable, and long lasting.

It’s also resistant to pilling, making it still look in good condition after many washes. Hence, why we believe it is the perfect underwear for men.


We know that Bamboo Underwear is more breathable and keeps you cool in summer, but it also keeps you warm in winter.

This makes bamboo underwear perfect for any weather. This is because of its cross-sectional fibres which helps maintain heat on colder days.

When looking for the perfect Men’s Underwear, we highly recommend our Zero Boxers due to our 5 reasons. The breathable bamboo ensures ultimate movement and premium comfort. All of which are perfect advantages for men’s Underwear. Chafing is a common problem in most men’s underwear, and our Zero Boxers eliminate that issue. its ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, just shows why it’s the perfect type of men’s underwear. Bamboo Viscose is simply remarkable when it is used in men’s underwear, and it is truly a revolution for underwear. Hence why we strongly believe our Zero Boxers is a revolution for men’s Underwear for all these reasons. Our Anti-Chafing underwear speaks for itself.

Just try them out!

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